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Hi everyone!!! I am doing this for my dear friend Lauren, for anyone who are curious and concern about how she is, I can say that she is not really fine and is struggling. But I so need your help, everyone who cares for her. You can please pray for her, send her encouraging messages [anon or off anon, but I think it’d be better off anon.] Please let us help her to move on, to let her know that she’s not alone, that she’s not worthless and her life has worth! If you have same experiences like her [depression and such] and you’re now has got away with it and thankfully moved on, it’d be better if you could give her encouraging words and advice. Please! Thank you!!!! All things that you could do, will surely mean so much to her!!!! That’s all! And if there are more you could do to her, please do it because it will mean so much to her. I really do want to help her that’s why I’m doing this. And thank you for the sweet anon who suggested me  this, because I really don’t know what I can do more. X’((( So your encouraging words and help you could give and do, will really mean so much! Thank you! LET US ENCOURAGE HER!!!! ;))))

HI EVERYONE! I once again need all your help. But please do not ask me anymore who is this friend,[ especially if you don’t know her] The help she and I need are from those who are willing to not for the ones who just feel obligated okay? No questions ask. But if you do I hope reading this would answer your questions. My friend lauren [like she says before] is having a breakdown again, :((( I just really need your help, I don’t want to lose her and I love her. I was really thankful that I have met her here and never really expected that we’ll go this far! 
And it’s also because of all your help. I WANT TO TRULY THANK YOU WHO HAVE CARED AND STILL CONTINUE TO CARE FOR HER AND ALSO HELP ME TO SUPPORT AND CHEER HER UP !!! AND I HOPE YOU GUYS, WILL STILL CONTINUE UNTIL NOW. SHE JUST NEEDS US.  I know this is just but internet but your encouraging words would truly help her a lot!. Thankyou sooo sooo much guys!!! <333
You can help her by means of messaging her and cheering her up and inspire her, or if some of you are hesitant to make her something, Don’t be. It will truly be very much meaningful for her!!! ^^

Hi everyone. Please, please, please send a message to Lauren. We’ve all talked to her at some stage and she’s a really sweet person who is just in need of a lot of support and good vibes. She needs us and anything will be enough. It doesn’t have to be some long message, just something nice that she can read and know that a lot of us are here for her. She’s always been so sweet to me and a lot of others, so let’s help out with what we can. No one should be thinking their life is worth nothing. Please spread the word, she needs a lot of support right now.
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No matter what you guys are going through, I will always be there supporting you.
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